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While your FREE 5 Pillars video is on its way to you, take advantage of our Pillar 1, training offer on business planning (includes 2 special bonuses)


In this business-planning training video, you’ll learn how to take your business idea from a basic concept to a finished, investor-ready plan.

Where to start? What to include? By the time you’re through this easy video course you’ll have all the answers, understand what you need to do to proceed, and feel more confidently in control of the business you’ve been hoping to launch. Stop doubting yourself – you CAN do this!

Reduced Price Until 31 March 2017
Business Planning Simplified
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Let’s get serious about developing financial mastery.
(the easy and affordable way)

What will you learn in Pillar 1?

(in case you’re unable to view the above video right now)
The known and hidden perks of thorough business planning.
What the best business plans should look like.
Understanding the business planning cycle.
What information you need to be sure to include.
Where should you even start?
How to feel confidently in control throughout the process.

By the time you’re through this quick video course, you’ll feel MUCH better about the business you’ve been hoping to launch, are currently building, or working in… and “someday” is going to feel a lot closer than it did yesterday. Guaranteed.

Start planning – your new business awaits! 

Many people freak out (even if it’s just a little) at the idea of planning a successful business from scratch – especially the financial parts.

But that’s not you – at least it won’t be for long.

Training designed for business pros and soon-to-be entrepreneurs like you:

people who need in-depth knowledge of business planning…
…and who often have questions or concerns like:
  • What if the planning process is difficult or time-consuming (don’t worry, it doesn’t have to be)?
  • How can I communicate my plan effectively and get The Right Team on board?
  • I don’t even know what The Business Planning Cycle IS… can I do this (yep)?
  • Will a strong business plan add actual value to your venture (absolutely)?
  • Which crucial information/values should I make sure my plan includes?
  • What parts do financial, product/service, and marketing planning play?
  • How do I do the research I need to achieve all this successfully?

You need to be clear on one thing before you dive into your business: planning is 100% essential to making your efforts go smoothly. Whether you’re trying to secure funding, decide if your idea’s feasible, or already in the process of putting it all together, know this:

Without proper business planning everything down the line can be even scarier than it feels right now.

Believe me; I know how freaky it feels to start from scratch. I’m Kieran McSherry, a 20-year mentor, educator, Financial Director, entrepreneur and chartered accountant (from one of the best firms in the world). I launched Macs Finance to:

Simplify business finance and make it affordably accessible to everyone.

Stop doubting yourself.  You CAN do this. Start today!

You’re about to get:

  • Training and guidance from a qualified, certified financial expert.
  • An affordable, simple-to-understand course to bring this process to life.
  • Comprehensive (but never dry) financial education: fun, interesting, and easy.
  • A whole lot more comfortable – and confident – in your business planning abilities.
  • A 100% money-back guarantee PLUS two special bonus support videos to help you learn.

Oh, and about those bonus videos:

These ought to help give you a major head start in business planning:

  • The Return on Capital Employed tutorial, part 1 – explore some of our students’ most-requested financial ratio performance topics and questions
  • The Return on Capital Employed tutorial, part 2 – dive deeper into specific facets of business performance and cash flow

I also forgot to mention a couple of things:

Like all Macs Finance training, this video course comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee: if you don’t feel like you got everything you wanted from it, for any reason, simply let us know. You’ll receive a fast, friendly, no-questions refund.
AND, it might surprise you to learn that this training comes at a special, newly-reduced price: £7 (yes, seven pounds – that’s not a typo).

Pretty great, right? I guess it’s true what they say: “Macs really is “finance made simple”.

But don’t just take our word for it.


Master sound business planning and finance
More quickly than you ever thought possible

Plus 2 FREE financial performance tutorials.

For Only £7