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Develop advanced financial expertise in as little as 6 hours – even if you’re a total novice. Anyone can do this with Macs Finance Masterclass; designed to be fun, engaging, and easy.

You’ll develop complete understanding of business accounting fundamentals with expert guidance, Q&A sessions, and more… to the point you’re comfortably holding your own when engaging financial experts.

Enrolment’s limited and satisfaction’s guaranteed – you’ll be amazed how simple it is to achieve the financial mastery you need to enjoy success!

Cut Costs
Boost Bottom Lines
Build Confidence

“I just can’t believe how much I learned in so little time.  A brilliantly thought out course and very well delivered!” – Siobhan, Marketing Director

Even total novices can
develop advanced financial expertise
in as little as 6 hours

Sound like an exaggeration? Think back to learning to drive a car. It all seemed so complex to start with. You probably had butterflies in your stomach, a knot in your chest… it was a nerve-wracking experience your very first time – even if you were excited to get on the road. Right?

And once you got there, you discovered “hey! This is actually pretty easy. I CAN do this!” What a great feeling. Now you don’t have to spend money on cabs anymore, bug your friends for a lift, or waste time waiting for transportation professionals to get you where you need to go.

Learning business finance works the same way. Once you begin developing basic knowledge you’ll be surprised how quickly more advanced insight simply falls into place.

All of a sudden you’re holding your own in conversations with finance experts
(and enjoying increased rising financial success)
because you learned from the best.

In this finance education program, you’ll discover (and enjoy):

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How to recognize and control cash flow.
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The ins and outs of financial forms & statements.
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How to plan, budget, and allocate resources effectively.
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Smart capital investment decision strategies.
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Direct, constant access to expert guidance.
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Confident control over your business’ capital.
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Financial training, tools, support, and community membership.
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No-questions satisfaction guarantee.

You’ll benefit from this training if you:

  • Recognize the benefits of in-depth financial knowledge in any business.
  • Need to fully understand cash flow dynamics – how money moves through your organization.
  • Want to exhibit expertise and confidence when talking to financial professionals.
  • Lack time or cash to invest in complex, boring, expensive training programs.
  • Demand premium-quality training at an affordable price.
  • Desire financial success and are ready to achieve it.

If you’re already a financial expert (or don’t see the value in controlling your own finances, rather than paying top dollar for someone else to do it), then maybe this training isn’t right for you.

But if that were the case, you probably wouldn’t be here – so let’s get started on all of the above!

Start developing financial mastery now 

Here’s what to expect from the Masterclass:

Similar programs can cost £1000 or more – but not this one.


Explore the 3 primary financial statements you need to master to understand, control, and optimize the flow of money through your organization. De-mystify financial jargon and discover key accounting concepts that, together, form the foundation of any successful, profitable business.


Numbers can feel like a foreign language – but once you understand how they all fit together across statements and applications, everything comes together like a light bulb flipping on in your head. You’ll learn the financial ratios you’ll need to assess profitability and cash-flow and get an introduction to effectively manipulating working capital and debt.


Get comfortable with the 3 critical areas of profitability and financial success: advanced planning, realistic budgets, and optimal cash flow. You’ll study the Mac Family’s diverse case studies, observing their strategies and applying their successes to your own business.


There’s always a best decision among a bunch of less-ideal ones. You’ll learn to identify it through a simple, logical review process you can use to help make the right capital investment decisions, every time, to help achieve your objectives simply and painlessly.


Join us in the Macs Finance Inner Circle community – connect monthly with your instructor in person to get bespoke, detailed answers to all your financial questions and get involved in our forums to learn and share with experts and other students. We’re all in this together. After your first month, for only £8 monthly you can continue to take part for as long as you like.


Deepen your understanding with unlimited access to our constantly-updated knowledge database of short-and-sweet video training updates. Each focuses specifically on the key takeaways of a specific topic to make even the most complex areas of financial knowledge simple to absorb and easy to act upon.

And what to expect from your finance instructor:

You’ll receive mentor-level guidance and support to help you master every aspect of business accounting and finance. I’ve hand-picked top educators from some of the top institutions and firms in the world.

An instructor with decades of experience in breaking down complex subjects
into easily-digestible, mercifully-simple training for
business professionals, entrepreneurs, and finance students.

We’re talking Fellows of the Institute of Chartered Accountants qualified by one of the world’s top firms (PricewaterhouseCoopers). Bachelors of Science in accounting with post-graduate degrees and Financial Directors who have worked for top FTSE 100 companies.

Some of our instructors even come from a career of teaching finance training to students and professionals at Queens University!

But don’t worry – you won’t find any boring old curmudgeons here. These guys and gals are leaders in their fields who keep up with teaching trends and can turn even the driest material into engaging lessons and presentations.

You’re both welcomed and encouraged to ask tons of questions and can expect total support and guidance from our team.



My name’s Kieran McSherry, and I founded Macs Finance to help people of all levels, all over the world, master finance comfortable and easily.

And I can tell you first hand: developing financial mastery can literally change your life – controlling the flow of money is crucial to achieving the level of success you desire no matter how much of it you have.

This is true in business and in life: being able to interpret figures is fundamental to good decision-making and, as we all know, making the best decisions possible turns dreams into goals (and often more quickly than we ever imagined).

Whether you’d like to propel your Inner Entrepreneur to victory or increase your professional value for your current and future employers, I promise: you’re in the right place to develop the financial skills you need to excel.

My team and I will help you every step of the way.

Thanks for being here!
BSc. Accounting, PG Diploma in Accounting, Chartered Accountant)

You’ll find similar programs available for £1000 and more. But we don’t need to charge that much – and we don’t want to. This course exists to make business finance education easily accessible for anyone who sees the value in mastering their money.

And if you decide this experience isn’t right for you? You’ll receive a 100% refund of your purchase price, no questions asked. We’re capable, comfortable, and confident that you’ll enjoy this program as much as everybody else has, and you’ll develop mastery to match.

Become an advanced financial expert at your own pace
(even if you’re starting from scratch)
Enjoy an easy, fun, and interactive training course
designed for engagement, fun, and simplicity

You CAN do this.
And we can help you.

Start your financial Masterclass today!

£99 gets you:

  • Instant, unlimited access to video training
  • 1 month FREE membership to our Inner Circle community
  • Admission to our knowledge database for even deeper understanding

Enrolment is limited… don’t miss out!

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