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Yes? Then this MacsFinance offer is for you. This is Financial Success training at it’s VERY BEST. Work online, choose when you study and enjoy the peace of mind of our money back guarantee. View Disclaimer Here.

In less than 6 hours you will have the knowledge of an ADVANCED FINANCE EXPERT and it will cost you less than the price of a nice meal in a decent restaurant.

If you think that Financial Success training is expensive, time consuming and frustrating, it’s time to think again. I have spent years working in and with small business owners and have mentored and taught thousands of people like you to become financial experts.

This system works – that’s why I’m happy to GUARANTEE it.

If you’re fed up with being lost during conversations with financial experts, it’s time to take action. I will help you become a financial expert in your own right in LESS THAN 6 HOURS. Yes, in less than 6 hours you will have mastered the vocabulary that confuses you right now and grasped the understanding that will enable you to achieve FINANCIAL SUCCESS in your business.

Introducing MacsFinance Academy Masterclass and MacsFinance Inner Circle

A powerful combination of online training, easy to use tools and ongoing support webinars so you:
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Understand how money flows in a business
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Know your way around Financial Statements
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Plan, budget and feel comfortable with cashflow
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Make effective capital investment decisions
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Enjoy direct access to expert help
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Gain real confidence
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Feel in control
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Benefit from our money Back Guarantee

When you choose MacsFinance you can achieve Financial Success and a whole lot more.

Who is this training for?

MacsFinance Academy Masterclass and MacsFinance Inner Circle are the perfect solutions if you:
  • Are aware that you should know more about how finances work in business.
  • Want to understand the dynamics of how money flows in your business.
  • Are fed up feeling inadequate when speaking to financial experts.
  • Have failed to find success using complex manuals or expensive courses.
  • Insist on top quality, easy to understand information provided by experts.
  • Neither want to invest a fortune nor an eternity on becoming Financially Successful.
  • Know you could achieve a whole lot more with better financial knowledge.

This solution is NOT for you if you:

  • Are already a financial expert.
  • Don’t see the value in knowing about financial planning, cashflow and the likes.

What you’ll get from the training

When you join the MacsFinance Academy Masterclass and MacsFinance Inner Circle, you’ll:
  • Stop feeling inadequate amongst financial experts.
  • Become an advanced financial expert in less than 6 hours.
  • Be able to understand financial terminology, plan and manage money in ways you can only imagine right now.
  • Get into the money mind-set that all successful people in this world have.
  • Be able to manage your business more effectively, more profitably and more confidently than ever before.
  • Start to spot opportunities that passed you by before.
  • Achieve the Financial Success you’ve been looking for years.

This powerful online programme will bring you the Financial Success you haven’t dared dream of until now. So you really owe it to yourself to take up this SPECIAL OFFER.

Here are the Contents of the Macs Academy MasterClass Course that cover Pillars 2, 3, 4 and 5 in a tailored easy to learn 4 section course.

During this course you’ll learn all about Financial Success and you’ll get to meet the MacFamily characters who will make learning about finances fun and accessible.

Section A

Understand how money flows in a business

In this Section you’ll get to know the 3 crucial financial statements you should focus on for maximum results. You’ll start to realise how to get more return and reward for your efforts. You’ll get up close and personal with key accounting concepts that shape your business success. You’ll get to grips with the financial terminology that has confused you for years and you’ll see just how easy it is to get around the whole financial arena.

Section B

Learn the important areas that need focus in a successful business and take away easy, quick to use, financial tools that help you understand the financial performance in these areas very easily.

This Section shows you how to review and assess financial statements and how easy they are to understand when you know how.  You’ll get a whole portfolio of ratios that you can use to assess a combination of business profitability and cashflow as well as a heads up on the often overlooked area of working capital and debt.  In this Section you’ll also start to meet the MacFamily – an interesting range of business characters who bring your learning to life and make your journey fun!

Section C

Plan, budget and feel comfortable with cashflow

This Section gets you up close and personal with 3 critical areas for success.  Find out how good planning and turning your plans into budgets is critical.  Put theory into practice with the MacFamily characters and dive deep into the importance of cashflow and profitability.  When you’ve finished this Section you’ll be well on your way to becoming an advanced financial expert.

Section D

Make effective capital investment decisions

In this Section you’ll find out how to avoid expensive capital investment errors. You’ll learn a simple, logical and effective process that you can use time after time to review key capital investment decisions – and get them right. This step-by-step process is easy to understand, simple to put into action and will help you achieve your objectives time, after time.


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Bonus 1


One month’s FREE membership of MacsFinance Inner Circle (which you can continue for only £7.99 per month thereafter).  This is where you get a monthly session to connect with me in person.  Ask any training related questions in the MacsFinance Inner Circle area, once the Q & A monthly session opens, and I will take student questions and answer them.

Bonus 2


Access to MacsFinance ThinkPOD library of constantly updated short 2 minute focussed videos. This is an ongoing series of short videos with the aim of making a topic of finance easy to understand in just 2 minutes. They cover important areas in a very quick, focussed way with questions and answers on the topics to deepen your learning.

The real value of this offer is £1400+ and you can walk away with it now for only £99.  You’d be mad to miss this offer.

BUY THE MacsFinance Masterclass Academy Course TODAY AND GET THESE BONUSES FREE

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You’ll discover how achieving Financial Success needn’t cost you a fortune nor take an eternity.

Reason Number 4:

It’ll open doors for you that you can only imagine right now, and will give you the confidence and motivation you need.

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Thanks to the MacFamily characters, you’ll find learning about Financial Success fun, interesting and easy to relate to.
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Meet the man behind MacsFinance

Kieran McSherry FCA, known to his friends as Mac (thus the name MacsFinance), is a Finance Director and Chartered Accountant by trade who continues to teach people like you in business and also works as a finance lecturer to business people at Queens University, Belfast. With 20 years of business and finance experience behind him and a qualification gained working at world renowned PwC, Kieran has helped thousands of people like you become advanced financial experts. With his straight talking and hands-on experience running his own business, when you train with Kieran, you know you’re in great hands.

Kieran has spent years developing MacsFinance, complete with the MacFamily characters so your journey to Financial Success can be as fun, simple, straightforward and affordable as humanly possible.