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“Family is where the story begins ….”

Fun learning character case studies will feature...

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Accounting Equation Basics

President Mac

President Mac is the leader of the Mac family and keeps a wise eye on the direction of the Mac family business empire. He is a very inspirational man, full of wise quotes. Nowadays he is retired yet he has always wanted all his family members to have a sound financial knowledge. He knows how important it is for them in life and business to have a good financial education. You’ll see his influence on different members of the family as he lends a helping hand in his own quiet, yet clever ways throughout the case studies.


Fashion Mac

A stunning and elegant lady and adds the glamour to the Mac family. Fashion Mac is a creative spirit who simply loves fashion and beauty. You’ll normally see her with the latest Chanel handbag or Jimmy Choo shoes. With some mentoring from President Mac and a bit of finance training at the Macs Finance Academy, she has created her own business, Fashion Mac Glam Handbags. You will learn more about her new businesses throughout the course and some day she hopes to offer the ladies, some Fashion Mac Glam handbags!

Income Statement Example 3

Millionaire Mac

This is the eldest son who is a real charismatic character of the Mac family. Millionaire Mac has made his fortune in his many business interests ranging from weddings and funerals, to property investment. He is very energetic, full of ideas and a real entrepreneur with lots of variety in his daily business interests. The one thing President Mac says to him is to let go of the reins more. He finds it difficult to let go of control and wants to be involved a bit too much!


Sporty Mac

Sporty Mac is young vibrant and into personal development. He always wants to better himself, continuously setting goals, a real sports fanatic. His main sports are running and golf. He is a great planner and organiser. So President Mac has given him a bit of financial support to follow his passion in life and set up the newly formed Sporty Mac running franchise business.


P Mac

P Mac loves life. Never takes it too seriously and people love her sense of humour. She is a very light hearted, fun loving and has a great social life. Like K Mac her brother she also served her time with a big food industry business. Then with the mentoring of President Mac and a bit of help from the Macs Finance Academy she set up P Mac Fab Foods in competition with her brother, K Mac!

Income Statement Examples

K Mac

K Mac is a more serious member of the family. He is very regimented, hard-working, and focussed. After working for a company for many years to build his experience he struck out on his own and now has developed a long established food business called K Mac Fine Cuisine. This business happens to in be in competition with his sister, P Mac. His sister and himself as they were growing up were always best buddies. She is continually winding him up and tells him some day she will take over his company!

Balance Sheet Example 9

Sophia Mac

Sofia is a daughter of Millionaire Mac. She is still studying at university and has been brought up in her Dad’s business world. Many times she has been there when he has been buying and selling, negotiating, listening and learning. President Mac thinks she is a chip off the old block. Sofia is now going to take a practical year out of college from her course to run a new start up local furniture business for her Dad.

Working Capital Formula 5

Mary Mac

Mary Mac is the heart beat of sincerity and caring in the family. She just loves to help other people. People seek her out for her kindness and compassion. President Mac is very fond of Mary Mac. She adores him. President Mac was very clever as he knew how good Mary Mac was at Music. He mentioned to her one Christmas that she could use her talents for music to set up a charity. His cleverness was that he knew she travelled abroad to work with underprivileged kids in third world countries and resources were scarce. In a single stroke he had matched Mary Mac’s compassion into her passion for Music and at once he helped her to set up a music business to raise crucial funds that would help her charitable causes.