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What is the Macs Finance Academy?

This is an Academy with finance courses designed to bring together the key elements of finance in business, in a simply yet clearly taught way. They are tailored after teaching finance over 20 years to business people who came to our courses with little or no finance knowledge. People learned a lot and enjoyed their time with us so we decided to do an online audio visual training course.

How does it work?

  1. Sign up for the Free 5 Pillars of Financial Success for Small Business.
  2. Purchase Pillar 1 " Business Planning. "
  3. Purchase Macs Finance MasterClass which covers the remaining Pillars.
  4. Sign up Free to Macs Finance Inner Circle.
Apply your new found knowledge to increase you financial success in business.

How do you use the course?

4 simple steps:
  1. Sign up for your course.
  2. Learn through the audio visual lectures with your Macs Finance Academy qualified tutor.
  3. Do the Learning Centre quizzes at the end of each tutorial to develop your understanding of the finance topic
  4. By the end of the courses you can aim for to become a Macs Master of Finance to enhance your finance education.

How has the Course been developed for you?

We have developed the course so you can do it at your own pace, own time and own device. Stop and replay, retake parts of the course as often as you like.

Why is the Finance course so cheap with access to such highly qualified tutors?

When you take the course you’ll begin to understand why other bigger organisations have to cover a lot of high overheads. We are a small, highly committed and proven team with 20 years teaching experience, passionate about the delivery of high quality finance training.

Can I contact my tutor with questions?

You can contact us via our Macs Finance Inner Circle or our contact page.

Something you want to know in Macs Finance that is not offered?

E-mail us at our contact page and we will let you know how close or how far away we are from offering what you would like to learn.