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how good could your financial skills be ?

I am always doing that which I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it. - Pablo Picasso

What do you get ?

  • Easy Step by Step Sections
  • Bespoke tutorials to develop a strong financial education
  • Finance Academy Learning Centre with Questions and Answers
  • Certificate of Completion
  • One Complete Free Section with purchase of full A,B,C,D course
  • Easy to Learn Tutorials with experienced mentor
  • Multiple Choice Q & A’s
  • Practical Examples with supporting e-books
  • Macs Family Case Study Business Ventures
  • Your Finance Skill Development and Progress
  • Your Business Progression
  • Your Personal Development
  • Your Progress to Completion
  • News and Information
  • Easy to learn mentoring audio visual sections, audio recorded to develop your skills and ability in Finance
  • The best qualified and experienced tutors, tailoring a bespoke course for you proven from 20 years of teaching finance to students, professionals and business owners in an easy to understand way
  • Learn at your own pace , replay , relearn, rethink
  • Understand Case studies/stories from the Mac Family business ventures to enhance learning
  • Lots of free bits and goodies!
  • Take the Full Macs Finance Master Course to TRANSFORM your ability in finance quickly. 
  • New to finance ?  The course has taken students, professionals and businesses from beginner to advanced who have gained confidence to apply it to work or business
  • Do you just want to cut out the financial jargon and have someone make finance simple for you ?
  • Would you like to enhance and develop your career path to include finance ?
  • Are you a business owner needing to grasp the key parts of finance quickly to help you understand your
    business and increase your profits ?
  • Do you know a little bit about finance and want to build on that ? This course is for you

The course exceeded my expectations.Loved the characters and stories. Some day you’ll have to send me one of Fashion Macs Glam handbags, lol!

Lisa, Finance Manager

I just can’t believe how much I learned in so little time. A brilliantly thought out course , and very well delivered!

Siobhan, Marketing Director

Macs Foundation

Wherever you are in the world thank you for calling. The Macs Finance Team are here to do our very best for you. Every course that you purchase we will donate £15 to the Macs Foundation.

Why a Foundation? This year my mum was diagnosed with cancer. It’s in some small way giving something back to the work , care and compassion of so many fantastic people in the health and caring profession.

Money Back Guarantee

Try the Macs Academy Course risk-free for 30 days. If you’re not bowled over with the value you’re getting for your small investment,
we’ll happily return your initial payment and never charge you again.