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Here’s how YOU can become a Finance and Accounting Expert in 6 hours…

Our 3 Tiered, Online Introduction to Finance and Accounting Training Program, offers outstanding Quality and Value. We will take You from Financial Lightweight to Financially Savvy Superstar
Finance Made Simple, a comprehensive introduction tailored to the non finance person, from the comfort of Home.

Pick Your Path Below…

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Macs Finance can help you
take the mystery out of finance
and master it the easy way.

Choose your path

Join us free with Tier 1, and take your first step down the road to financial mastery. Tier 1 will discuss the 5 Pillars of Financial Success.

Choose the knowledge and guidance you need from the basics of Tier 2, business planning or go straight to Superstar status with your core training from Tier 3, our full-on Finance Masterclass.

Your experienced, skilled instructor has designed mercifully simple, modular video training courses specifically tailored to help non finance managers in small business.

Choose your pace

Registering for a course grants you instant, unlimited access to our video training library. Each course was designed by qualified tutors with over 20 years’ experience in finance education for business owners, professionals, and students. You can learn at your own pace, review any time, and we’ll guide you every step of the way.

Reap your rewards

You’ll be amazed how simple it can be to master business planning and finance – and the tangible, real-world benefits you’ll experience immediately (not the least of which is improved business performance thanks to your comfortable, practical understanding of things like cash flow, accounting basics, and taxation)

Ready to take control of your financial success?

What can you expect as a student?
Speed, support, simplicity, and results.


Even the most complex concepts can be broken down into easy-to-learn pieces. Our audio and visual finance training materials are designed to be super-duper simple and fully comprehensive.


You don’t need to rush (although you certainly can). Macs Finance students develop mastery at a pace as fast or relaxed as they choose. You can do this over the weekend, on your lunch hour, or wherever/whenever you like.


Our instructors are accomplished financial professionals and create bespoke courses designed specifically for you. Ask all the questions you like –  Masterclass students receive free membership to our Inner Circle alliance, a powerhouse forum of business owners and finance pros learning, sharing, and supporting each other.


We’re always finding and creating new ways to further help students develop financial mastery. You’ll get them all!